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Have You Heard Marti's Voice?

smooth | sophisticated | versatile | professional

Seattle-based Voice Over Artist

Marti MacEwan

  • commercials
  • corporate
  • educational/academic
  • documentary/travel/biography
  • TV/film
  • explainer videos
  • online tutorials
  • museum narration
  • video games
  • e-learning
  • announcements/telephony
  • more

More About Marti

Besides having a sincere, conversational and inviting voice . . .

As a talented speaker and public speaking coach, Marti can convey your message in an expressive and believable way – and always with top-notch professionalism.
Marti’s long career as a personal counselor has given her the rare understanding of human feelings and motivations that infuses every read with depth and authenticity.
As a jazz vocalist, Marti brings musicality, improvisation, rhythm and, where appropriate, fun, to her masterful interpretations. She is experienced in the studio.
As a professional seminar leader and trainer, Marti imparts any information in a way that is clear and understandable and enjoyable, engaging and pleasant to hear.

Call or text:   206-551-2909

Besides her inviting voice . . .


I am impressed with Marti’s elegant tone – sophisticated yet friendly. I love the texture and her relaxed style. She has a very inviting sound. Marti has good instincts for performance – pitch variety, breath control, and pacing.
Great to listen to!

Lisa Foster - Producer

When Marti speaks, I want to listen; she has a way of captivating my attention. Her voice has strength, authority and wisdom laced with humor, grace and encouragement.​
She believes in what she is saying, whatever it is, and that makes me believe it, too.

Carolyne Simi - Entrepreneur

Marti is a blast to work with! She takes direction very well and quickly delivers great sounding takes, all the while maintaining a perfect balance of professionalism and fun, joyful energy. She’s one of those people you really look forward to
having back in your studio.

Joshua Du Chene - Game Producer / Audio Engineer

Marti is a breezy breath of fresh air…
feminine, strong and inspiring. A delight to listen to!

Nancy Wilson - Audition Mastery Coach / Demo Producer

Marti’s voice is absolutely wonderful, and is ideally suited to deliver your message, no matter what it might be!

David Tolar - Producer

Contact Marti – She will get right back to you.

Text or Phone:   206-551-2909
or use the form below.

Note:  If you are looking for Marti’s professional specialty
in overcoming stage fright and fear of public speaking, visit

Note:  If you are looking for (or curious about) Marti’s professional coaching for overcoming stage fright or fear of public speaking, visit