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About Marti

In addition to her inviting tone . . .

Marti is an accomplished public speaker and speaking coach. She will convey your message in an expressive, believable way and with top-notch professionalism.

Marti is a professional therapist with a deep understanding of human feelings and motivations that lends authenticity to her interpretations and delivery.

Marti is a jazz vocalist. She brings musicality, improvisation, rhythm, and when appropriate, fun, to her performance. She is experienced in the studio.

Marti is a professional seminar leader and trainer. She shares information in a way that keeps the listener’s attention and falls pleasantly on the ear.

About the Studio

Marti has a professional quality home studio using the Focusrite Audio Interface, Studio Projects condenser microphone and prefers the Reaper DAW for recording and editing.

Marti offers 24 to 48 hour turnaround depending on the project length and welcomes direction via phone, Zoom or Skype. She will provide finished files in the format that suits your needs.


I am impressed with Marti’s elegant tone – sophisticated yet friendly. I love the texture and her relaxed style. She has a very inviting sound. Marti has good instincts for performance – pitch variety, breath control, and pacing. Great to listen to!

Lisa Foster - Producer

When Marti speaks, I want to listen; she has a way of captivating my attention. Her voice has strength, authority and wisdom laced with humor, grace and encouragement.​ She believes in what she is saying and that makes me believe it, too.

Carolyne Simi - Entrepreneur

Marti is a blast to work with! She takes direction well and quickly delivers great sounding takes, all the while maintaining a perfect balance of professionalism and fun, joyful energy. She’s one of those people you  look forward to having back in your studio.

Joshua DuChene - Sound Engineer

Marti is a breezy breath of fresh air… feminine, strong and inspiring. A delight to listen to!

Nancy Wilson - Audition Success Coach | Demo Producer

Marti’s voice is absolutely wonderful, and is ideally suited to deliver your message, no matter what it might be!

Dave Tolar - Producer

Contact Marti – She will get right back to you.

Contact Marti by text or phone at 206-551-2909 or send a direct message here.

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